Fear of loosing what isn’t yours…..

Have ever had this kind of fear…….? If not you are lucky , thank your stars. If by any chance the answer is yes, I can only say, “I understand, may God give you strength”

It is being said that when God created man , angels felt jealous.. They felt by the creation of man they will loose their importance, the will loose their closeness to God. All this resulted in creation of the DEVIL (SHAITAN).

When ADAM and EVE where in heaven , not being allowed to taste the forbidden fruit . They felt they where loosing there status of supreme beings, which resulted there in their banishment to earth.

Banished to earth ADAM and EVE planted the seeds of human race, and every day one boy and one girl was born….. Siblings born on same day were married to each other…. One of the sons of ADAM didn’t like his life partner instead wanted his brothers wife, this led to the humanities first murder …..

Hitler’s fear of loosing superiority ..led to world war and death of millions….

I don’t know what my fear will lead to…………
The crescent lining here is all the above people were somebody and I ain’t anybody rather I am nobody ………. So don’t you worry the world ain’t coming to an end….. But some body’s is !

2 thoughts on “Fear of loosing what isn’t yours…..

  1. Aisa jiya jaata hian, waisa jiya jaata hain. Salaah toh bahut log de denge tujhe, Ifti. Humdardi chahiye ho toh, I’m right here. I’ll always be here.

  2. thank god i don’t need it …… or else what would i have done with so many people around ready to pour it out…. would have led to lot of confusion, from whom to accept and from whom not to…….

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