The Sheep Nation

The international Limelight stealers “The Anonymous” who have become very used to making headlines internationally, but here they had to eat a humble pie as no one gave them any media coverage for their adventures this past week. They hacked almost every working, stress is on working, website of J&K government, but no one noticed their achievements and then in sheer desperation hacked the Indian army website but still no headlines. They must be now pondering Where did they go wrong in their assessment, Well in this case they did everything wrong, they chose the wrong targets at the wrong time. For the government websites, who bothers to check them or even update them, there might be some sites which still will be showing Mr Azad as CM of state. Even the much publicized portal for online complaints ( is not working properly. The only form of e-governance that this state has is CM’s twitter account.

Couple of weeks ago the whole newspapers were full of news about dogs and then came GB Panth deaths. Strange as it may sound but it seems that every big story was perfectly timed, replanted and had the objective to help in diverting attention. First we had AFSPA used against unmarked graves and then there were cinemas & alcohol shops to help in the cause. Along the way came dogs, When it was becoming too much of nuisance to read about dogs every day on every page, story about infant deaths broke. I am not questioning the importance or the gravity of these stories but I am questioning the timing and the amount of coverage these got (there was hardly any space for anything else).

Why did the number of infant deaths have to reach an odd figure of 350 to become a story? Why there were no concerns about these deaths in the past 4 months?

Even after these infant deaths exposed the hollowness of our healthcare still no one is talking apart from the GB Panth hospital, The Union Health minister came and visited GB Panth Hospital made all kind of noises but did not bother to review the functioning of other hospitals. Our Chief Minister visited GB Panth, along the way scored some brownie points by stopping at a traffic light, later on made the statement declaring that the hospital is in shambles. Is the condition of Lal Ded Maternity hospital or SKIMS exceedingly satisfactory to these people?

The GB Panth deaths didn’t hit us out of blue; every concerned person (doctors & administration) saw them coming, even to some extent the common people. Some doctors and Hospital administration people are claiming that they had escalated the matter to higher authorities a number of times, but they chose to sleep over the matter. So how did our CM happen to miss these reports and requests, the only reason I see is that these reports where not sent to him on his twitter account. Well when at the request of a common citizen the CM can order the transfer of ventilators from other hospitals to GB Panth Hospital why wouldn’t he take note of doctor’s requests, provided they come on twitter. Then we have the audacity to say that our CM does nothing, the catch here is to catch him on twitter.

The incidents of this past week demand that there should be a proper review of all the hospitals, which should be made mandatory to be repeated annually or biannually. But the fact is we will soon forget all this and move on with a new diversion topic being thrown in public domain by the government, government certainly has become the master of the art of diversion & we will be on a new witch hunt, we the Sheep Nation.

Also Appeared in The Kashmir Monitor

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