Tinted cars of Kashmir

Supreme Court of India in its order on 28th April 2012, asked vehicle owners to have tints on their car glasses only within the permitted limit. If vehicle owners fail to comply they would be held liable for contempt of court and monetary punishment, if they do not toe the line by May 4.

As per the rules provided under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1989, the permissible limits for the front and rare windscreens is 30 % and for side window panes it is 50%. to put it in simple terms, if your car has black film on the front and rear windscreens that blocks light by more than 30% and the tint on the side window panes is more than 50%, then you could be in contempt of court in addition to being prosecuted as per the rules provided under the Motor Vehicles Act.

As far as Kashmir is concerned we all know that there no place for rules and regulations. So implementation of Supreme Court orders is a far cry. to prove my point below are some photographs of official vehicles with tinted panes, against supreme court guidelines, but who is afraid of supreme court here! 


In the above photograph we clearly see that the tints on windscreens and panes is beyond the permissible  limits. Are security forces allowed to use non military vehicles and are they exempted from from the court orders. Is this how they do the dirty jobs (black ops),  by flaunting rules of country of which they are supposed to be guardians.


The above pic is of a departmental vehicle, can we ask who gave it permission for its tinted windscreens and panes?


The above two pics are of an official vehicle with tints beyond permissible limits. If the officials who are supposed to implement the supreme court orders on ground go against it then who will uphold the rule of law?


In the above pic the official car has no tints on the front and rare windscreens but the side panes have tints  beyond permissible limits and the irony is, that the traffic cop who is supposed to stop the car and remove  the tints on side panes, is making way for the officials car. We can’t not blame the cop he is simply doing what he is supposed to do, making way. If the higher authorities are not serious about implementation of supreme court guidelines and themselves violate it, how can we expect the lower ranks to take it seriously.

There are even some senior politicians who move in tinted cars but who will dare to stop them. The only hope of supreme court guidelines being implemented in Kashmir is supreme court taking “sou moto” of the situation (case).

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