Art of Hypocricy

Equality, Liberty and Fraternity were the three slogans raised as far back 18th century during French revolution. These slogans were considered to be  holy rights of each citizen of every nation. This was considered an epoch of human civilization, but eve after three centuries these slogans are yet to implemented on ground.
In the country where these slogans were first raised, a woman doesn’t have the freedom to choose what she finds appropriate to wear. She has to wear what the State deems right for her or else face imprisonment and fines. Then there is the nation which boasts of as the liberator of the world and upholder of democracy, where police decides on the severity of the threat that you may pose to the State on the basis of your colour and your religious beliefs. It classifies the whole world into two groups, us and them!
India as a nation was formed on the terms of equality and freedom, but the people who were handed the reins to run the nation never believed in these values. In 1950 when the constitution of India was implemented both Muslims and Christians were included in the list of schedule casts, which guaranteed them certain privileges and certain social benefits. This was an important step in governments attempt to remove the disparity with regards to their educational and financial development. After seven months of the implementation of the constitution a separate circular / memo was issued by virtue of which Muslims and Christians were declared no to be schedule casts. There is some sort of consensus among historians that this was the handiwork of bureaucrats, bureaucracy at that time was controlled and run by upper caste Hindus.
Since inception and even before people are being discriminated against in India on the basis of cast and religion. The tribal people in India are denied every right; they are treated as les than humans; their lands are being snatched away from them; their gods (forests & hills) are being rampaged and bulldozed; their woman are forced to dance for entertaining the tourists. When these less than humans rise up in arms they cease to be even humans and are called savages, hard core criminals and terrorists.
A recent study has shown that the police force which is supposed to protect all the people irrespective of their colour, religious belief or region of domicile, is biased in it approach towards  people on the basis of their religious belief. The regular fake encounters and the alleged active participation, through non action against majority community, in the Gujarat pogrom has shaken the belief of minority in the Indian democracy.
There is a saying that if you witness something wrong happening and do not raise your voice against it, you are more to be blamed than the culprit himself / herself because it is your silence that encouraged the culprit to commit the crime. This saying is appropriate for our government. The Kashmiris are being harassed everywhere, but the government is doing nothing concrete apart from issuing a customary statement. The central government had assured that no Kashmiri student will be harassed in any part of the country; it has turned out to be hollow talk as the harassment of Kashmir students continues and the incidents only have increased in number. This raises questions against both the central and state government and about their sincerity. A Kashmiri doesn’t dare to report harassment or even visit a police station anywhere outside Kashmir, for the fear of being arrested in a fake case or being killed in a fake encounter and later being branded as a hard core terrorist.
What is more appalling is government not only supporting but actively propagating the discriminatory policies. Here is Kashmir the government has proposed separate settlements for Kashmiri Pundits. While commenting on the proposed plan @IbneBattuta tweeted, “Separate quota, separate education, separate jobs, separate social benefits and now separate settlements. Next what separate skies?” It is the height of hypocrisy that the people at helm condemn Hitler and at the same time propagate his policy of ghettos!

Also Appeared in The Kashmir Monitor

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