Taraweeh Twenty-20

Every evening most of the localities (Mohallas) of Kashmir run an unofficial race; race to finish Taraweeh earlier than the other.

Recently I happened to offer Taraweeh at a mosque in Srinagar, First I couldn’t make out when the Surah Fatiha ended or when did the Surah that followed start. Besides I also was not able to make out even a single word recited. In Atayehiyat I was only half way through Darude Ibrahim When Imam Sahib notified the angels on his shoulders about the completion of Salat. Before I could figure what was happening the congretion was up on their feet, ready again!

I felt cheated, felt as if I had bought tickets for a test match and was made to watch a Twenty-20.

It made me ponder; was this kind of Salat acceptable? Are we treating Salat as another Job that needs to be just done? Isn’t offering Salat in this fashion, with its essence missing, a futile exercise?

Taraweeh in no doubt is a test your patience and endurance, but the rewards are many folds greater so shouldn’t we try to ensure that we offer these prayers in a proper way. While deciding whether to have the Quranic Taraweeh or normal Taraweeh the Mosque comities need to take into consideration the old & week. It is very sad to observe that some of the localities choose Quranic Taraweeh only because their adjacent locality has done so, thus it has becomes a matter of ego. Even if you decide for Quranic Taraweeh it should be ensured that it is offered in a proper way, it shouldn’t bother any whether it takes 1 hour or 2 hours.

Most of the localities which choose Quranic Taraweeh are then infected with the twenty-20 mentality; look for a young Imam and throw rules out of the window.

A younger Imam is chosen so that he can recite very fast and non stop. Rules are ignored, rules like; one should stop /pause after every ayat of surah Fatiha, one should be able to understand (at least make out) every word recited or the rule asking not to make haste while offering Salat.

Aren’t we just making mockery of Salat itself, god forbid us from the repercussions.

If people aren’t ready for a 2 hour taraweeh then wouldn’t it be better to offer the normal Taraweeh instead of Quranic. After all Salat isn’t cricket.

2 thoughts on “Taraweeh Twenty-20

  1. Muddaththir Maqsood says:

    JazakAllah kahiran

    same pinch here…people go worse at times when Imam Sahab takes his time to complete the rakah…after completion people start shouting like anything…that and that thing…we need to chose a mid way…keeping in mind to give a proper time to each rakah, side by side to take care of aged men!

    may Allah gives us best understanding of Deen (A’amin)

  2. Fahad says:

    very correct, Quranic Taraveeh isn’t an option if you want to complete it in 45 minutes or so, this is no justice ti Salat. In our Mosque we go for short Suras but offer the Nimaz in a humble manner…

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