Everything and Nothing on Sale

A new shop opens in town, couple of new hoardings raised, some mouths hired, some bait laced traps and a mad rush of people, as if chased by a herd of bulls, jumps straight in.

Something similar happened in Sopore recently and most people, who somehow didn’t fall prey, referred to victims as idiots. We all have and are falling prey to the tricks of one or the other person ( NGO’s,companies and government). After all hadn’t it been for temptation we wouldn’t be here on earth.

Take the case of fair&lovely, the cream that is supposed to make one look fair, it is one of the biggest scams and people still fall for it. Almost every girl uses this product and now the company was forced to introduce a product especially for men, courtesy the men (boys) picking their sisters and girlfriends bags!

Then there is the case of Axe deodorants and their over exaggerated commercials.Even the antiseptic soaps, some even claim to be 99% effective against germs, persons dressed as doctors are used in commercials to sell lies to us.

These things are certainly a matter of concern and people need to be informed that they are being duped.

Advertisement was and is used as a tool to sell us lies, through them we are sold daily use products or products that we never need. now advertising is being used to sell the second-rated education and we are not buying!

A college is considered the fountain of knowledge and one is free to drink as long as one’s thirst is satiated. People who are driven by this thirst go to extreme level to satiate it. But can one’s thirst be satiated by looking at a beautiful, scenic picture of the fountain!

That is exactly what our students are being made to do.
The higher educational institutes in Kashmir are limited which forces the students, who don’t make it to these colleges, to look outside the state. The colleges of other states being well aware of this scenario leave no stone unturned to squeeze the last rupee out of the pockets of Kashmiris.

Every major road in Kashmir is filled with huge bill boards of different colleges, offering so many things and all claim to be the best. Students of Kashmir are joining these colleges in hoards, without fully evaluating these colleges.

While choosing the colleges the students many a times throw caution to wind and join any college which seems to be good to them. A college seems to be good to a student if it has regular nice looking billboard on major roads of Kashmir, if it has regular advertisements in the local dailies and if it gives good marks in examinations. Students or parents don’t bother to check what kind of reputation the college has in market or what kind of students it attracts from other parts of the country.

Parents in Kashmir spend their life savings in trying to give their wards best education and most of the colleges of country are aware of this fact. Some people from the rest of the country blame Kashmiris for the sky rocketing the admission fee in reputed colleges and rightly so.

In order to cash in as much as they can, different colleges are spending substantial amounts of money so as to attract Kashmiri students. They have placed huge billboards on major roads and advertise in local dailies beside the national media.

While choosing a college one should not be distracted by all this glitter after all, all that glitters is not gold. Parents and students need to keep in mind that the quality of education they get depends on the quality of college. Quality of college depends on the faculty and the quality of the students they attract.

In college education more than a teacher it is one’s peer who drives you to excel through inter-student competition. So a lot of attention should be paid to ascertain whether the college attracts the cream of students from other regions as well or not. One should also not ignore the facilities available at the campus and the accessibility of the campus.

A certain college located on the Haryana-Himachal border, which has become a favorite among the Kashmiri students, is one of the most inaccessible colleges I personally have ever seen. It is a herculean task to travel from the nearest city to this campus and to add to woes this college / university is still in its infancy stage. Despite these things the Kashmiri students are coughing substantial amounts of money to get their admission secured.

I would like to say to the students of Kashmir that don’t waste your life’s precious years in these good for nothing universities. One should work a bit harder and try to get admission in well-established universities like AMU, Jamia, Hamdard etc. It is not like that exams of these universities can’t be qualified, if a Kashmiri can qualify AIS he can qualify any exam.

It is high time that government takes stock of the whole education system in Kashmir. There is an immediate and urgent need to revamp the whole system, besides more technical colleges and professional colleges need to be added. But for government to wake up from their slumber and take some constructive steps for improving education, they need to first get time from throwing around fans and abusing each other!

Also Appeared in The Kashmir Monitor

One thought on “Everything and Nothing on Sale

  1. Fahad says:

    where ever you ll find an easy entry, that can’t be good college….

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