Eureka – We Lost It!

Recently Science was in news, for some good reasons and for some bad. Scientists at CERN believe that they have now enough evidence of the presence of Higgs Boson. This discovery is being presented as this century’s one of the greatest scientific achievements.
Pakistan in their quest not to be far behind, announced the invention of Water-Kit. The Pakistani engineer seemed to have solved the world energy problems for good. What followed as an instant fame, in a nation that is so eager to hear anything good about itself.
The euphoria generated by this news was unprecedented; everyone was talking about it on social media, newspapers, buses, TV shows. This goes on to show the desire of the masses to get liberated from the enslavement of energy barons.
Then a damning write-up was published by the country’s leading and most respected newspaper, The Dawn (Bad Science ). The article not only questioned the authenticity of the inventors claim but also raised some serious questions about the conduct of parliamentarians and media, especially TV, who all had gone on an over drive to celebrate their so-called messiah.
Today through this column let me introduce you to the person who dreamt of freeing the humanity from the shackles of energy cartels. Some people believe that he even succeeded in finding a way out, but the world’s most powerful nation has kept all his innovations and technological advances under lock as they challenged the monetary system put in place by them.
The person I am talking about is Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943), the man out of time, the person who is credited with inventing 20th century!
Not only was he responsible for introducing us to the alternate current but also invented machines (gadgets) with which to harness the alternate current. He even proposed to generate electricity from thunderstorms on industrial scale, which would be cheap and clean.

Tesla believed in giving power to the masses, reason why he never budged in to the pressure from business conglomerates or energy cartels. So when Thomas Alva Edison ran a maligning campaign against him and the Alternate Current (AC), Tesla didn’t flinch in his conviction of the benefits of AC over DC (Direct Current, promoted by Edison). When the Business establishments announced an all out war against him and AC, he gave up his royalty rights so that the access of AC to the masses couldn’t be delayed, this single donation still should account to humanities largest donation in terms of money!
We all laughed when last year one of the members of J&K assembly wished (suggested) the WiFi transmission of electricity across the Pirpanchal, but you will be astonished to know that the lights in Tesla’s Lab were  WiFi  and he wanted to demonstrate Inter-Continental  WiFi  transmission of electricity. His dream of intercontinental transmission of electricity couldn’t be achieved only because of lack of funds required to build the two towers!
While giving lectures at different colleges, Tesla in one of his favourite demonstrations used to ask for all the lights in the room to be killed then he would do something and the whole room would lit up as if it was day. No one could make out where from the light came or find the source of light. This is one of the experiments, among the long list of experiments, which scientists have not been able to reconstruct till date even with all the technological advances!
Tesla had another dream, dream of seeing people fly at the speed of light. He was infected with the idea of building aircraft’s (spaceship) since childhood. He had once said that when he will build a spacecraft which won’t look like any other aircraft. Well he couldn’t achieve this dream in his life time.
Later on Otis T. Carr, who claimed to be student of Tesla, started a company OTC Enterprises in 1955 to build the spacecraft in accordance with Tesla’s plans. He also claimed that Tesla taught him how electromagnetic energy could be freely harnessed from the abundant electrical energy in the atmosphere. The possibility that electrical energy could be freely acquired without need for expensive power plants, conductive wires, relay stations, telephone poles and significant power loss, which challenged conventional power companies. In November 1959 Carr successfully patented his design for a full-scale civilian spacecraft he called OTC-X1 on the pretext of it being an amusement device. If one believes Dr Michael E. Salla (author of Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence and founder of the website: http://www.Exopolitics.Org.) Carr not only built the spacecraft but also successfully tested it. Dr. Salla goes on to claim that U.S government forcefully closed the project and wrongfully implicated Carr, which led Carr to be sentenced to prison. One is not sure whom to believe and who not to.
What I have mentioned above about Tesla is not even a drop of the sea that he was. It would be befitting to say that, 9 out of 10 times when a person (scientist / engineer) finds that what he assumed to be a new discovery or invention in the electric field and goes to patent it, he finds it has already been patented under the name of Tesla!
Now you must be wondering if Tesla was such a genius why you never heard of him or his achievements, why you never read about him in your books in school or college. Tesla fought against the media and the people who controlled it all his life, they had declared a war on Tesla and left no stone unturned to undermine his achievements. It seems that the latter are still fighting against Tesla but there is no one to return the favour on Tesla behalf.
In this fight, it is the humanity that has lost. We have been left to rediscover all the works and technological advancements made by Tesla. We can only wish that soon another Tesla comes around and we are given freedom from the enslavement of energy and War’s that are being fought for it.

Also Appeared in The Kashmir Monitor

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