Eid and the Orphan

With Eid around the corner everyone is busy buying confectioneries and new clothes. but in between Lal chowk chalo and Eidgah Chalo we pass-by couple of orphanages without even noticing them, without noticing the kids perched on the windows of these orphanages who observe our mad movements from a distance and wonder why such a rush!
We kashmiris preach a lot and practice little, before and after Eid we hear people preaching us to avoid wasteful spending of money and to be humble. But who listens, none.
While we are busy in preparing for celebrations and Celebrations itself, in some dark corner of an orphanage a kid silently weeps, questioning GOd why can’t he / She celebrate,why can’t he/She have new clothes and candies like other children, why no one gives him/her Eidi, why did He took his/her parents away,Why he/she is an orphan!
With each question the kid asks God, God would be shovering his curses on us,we who were supposed to take care of these kids.And we busy Celebrating. Celebrating what, God cursing Us!
We many a times shrug-off our responsibility by saying that we don’t have enough money to help these less fortunate kids, but we at the same time forget that money can’t buy everything. Well money can buy them new clothes, candies and firecrackers but it can’t buy them happiness.  People who have enough money can donate some to orphanages and many are doing so and those who don’t have enough can try to bring smiles on the faces of these little angels by spending some time with them. We can visit any of the orphanages on one of these days and play with kids, share stories with them and try to encourage them.
Our Prophet (pbuh) always believed in teaching by example and today let me share one of the incidents that occurred on a day of Eid.
On the day the Prophet (pbuh) was coming back home after he had led the Eid prayers, on the sidewalks he noticed a boy (uhair Bin Saghir), sitting by himself, clad in rugged clothes
and crying.
The Prophet (pbuh) bent down and patted him on the shoulders and asked ‘why are you crying?’ ‘Please leave me alone’ sobbed the little boy. The boy didn’t even see who was talking to him. The Prophet (pbuh) ran his fingers through the boy’s hair and very gently and kindly asked him again why he was crying. This time the boy said, ‘My father was martyred fighting, and now my mother has married again and my stepfather does not want me to live at home any more. Today is Eid and everyone is happy. All the children have new clothes and nice things to eat, but I don’t have any clothes except what I am wearing. I have no food and I don’t even have a place to live.’
The Prophet (pbuh) said to him, ‘I know how you feel, I lost both my mother and father when I was a little boy.’ When the boy looked up to check who was compforting him, seing the Phrophen he sprung up.
The Prophet (pbuh) said to him ‘If I were to become your new father and Ayesha you new mother, and Fatima your new sister, would that make you feel better?’ ‘Oh yes, that would be the best thing in the world!’ The boy started smiling. The Prophet took him home and gave him new clothes and food.
We have numerous sayings of prophet to go by of how grateful a person who cares for an orphan would be rewarded. but in this rush of madness we seem to have forgotten all the teachings our beloved Prophet and still we claim to be his followers!
At least on this Eid let us make an attempt to bring smiles on the faces of Orphans in which ever small way we can.They are our responsibility and lets not shrug it off.

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