Season of Haakh

It is spring in Kashmir, as is with every season even spring has certain delicacies associated with it. One such delicacy is Haakh, as is with Nun Chai haakh, too is considered divine. A kashmiri has to like haakh and Nun Chai, if he/ she doesn’t just let them live outside Kashmir for couple of years and they will long for them. Many a times Kahmiris are seen collecting haakh and other vegetations besides their baggage from airports, the curious look (more of amazement) on the other passengers faces can’t be missed. The expats living in different cities of the world even take home grown onions, our land makes them to taste different then the rest, We can’t help it  we are Kashmiris 🙂


Coming back to haakh, there are many ways of cooking haakh; with chicken, mutton, cheese, fish etc in short you can say we need an excuse  to have haakh. There are various types of haakh and every type tastes best with a particular combination food.


Sunday morning and I am being sent to buy haakh from the market, when ever I am asked to buy haakh from the market I always bring the wrong type! To help myself to overcome the sadness of being as failed Kashmiri haakh buyer I visit my uncle to listen to the stories of the past. Well here too Haakh is the topic of the day, my uncle tells me that the season of the haakh used to coincide with the season of the fish, not the type of the fish that you and me have these days but the type that no more exist, even their names have almost been lost. My uncle tells me about the days when they as kids used to relish keind guran, Chiroo gaad, sattar gaad, pikut gaad, chash gaad, tatur gaad, ram gaad, aumur, aitt gaad, one can’t help but be amazed. My uncle tells me that some of these fish used to come from Muzaffarabad but after kashmiri’s division it seems  that they too chose not to cross the dividing line.

So much has been lost in the past 60 odd years and yet no one seems to mourn. Is it that we never missed what was lost or that we were never told what we lost!


2 thoughts on “Season of Haakh

  1. Ali Baba Chopaan says:

    So, you believe that the fish were traveling upstream all the way from Muzzafarabad to Sopore? Truly so much has been lost in last 60 years, wisdom being one of them!

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