Let’s Play – Death

A child waiting for his father
A wife for her exiled love
Mother for her beloved son
A nation awaits it’s martyr
Buried in a foreign Land he is longing for motherland

People had paused their lives
To remember & protest
Death of a common man
Treacherously murder in secrecy
To satiate the ‘collective conscience’
Of a blood thirsty nation

They killed a common man
Death raised him a Matyr

But who can pause a boy’s day
If they can’t go to school
They have to play the day

Sitting on the sideline
Waiting for his turn to bat
Wishing for the batsman to get out
Thinking about hitting the winning runs

Death roaming the roads
Was getting restless too
It too wanted it’s share of fun
So the boy died
Without getting his turn to bat.


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