Metamorphosis of Resistance – The Way Forward

Should a person accept to live in hell for a distant chance of his progeny living in heaven or should he work towards converting the hell he lives in into heaven?

There is stagnation in the thinking process of the separatist block, they are willing to risk everything (even the present) for a distant future. Their unimaginative strategies is helping nobody but the corrupt stooges who are making common man’s life miserable and are laying no stone unturned to make sure that their is no future of our nation, the future for which we have sacrificed our everything!

Their is a need to revisit the strategies of resistance, the resistance by general strikes and marches have outlived their meaningful existence. By these we intend to highlight the Kashmir issue in the international arena, even after 60 years if some countries are unaware of the issue then what does it say about these strategies? By continuing with these strategies we can’t suddenly make them aware of our plight. This is not the world of 1940 when these tactics had huge effect and when a countries policies were governed by a moral compass. Today’s world is governed & guided by economics, the earliest we realise this and rise from our slumber the better.

The Government officials & offices have become the chief exploiters of the common Kashmiri, the public servants have become coffin thieves. The corrupt officials are encouraged by the lack of oversight and due the fact that they are not being held accountable.

Let’s start working in a proactive manner and at least transform our living conditions. In this regard I am proposing the below system:

Metamorphosis of Resistance

With the above system we need to create an allied financial system and the main aims of the financial system should be as:

– – Creation of People’s Welfare Fund with the aim, if not to replace at the very inception, but atleast give some competition to the banking system.

– – Website of the ‘People’s Welfare Fund’ should reflect live updates of Financial transactions.

– – Financial Accounts of ‘People’s Welfare Fund’ should be visible to all.

– – Emphasis should be given on developing community owned businesses.

I will not go into the details and explain the nuances of the system, minor things and workings certainly are important but not as important as the idea, so lets first agree on the idea!

If you see any loopholes in the above depicted idea you are welcome to criticize but don’t stop yourself just there, suggest things to make this idea better or even propose a better workable system.


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